Sleep&Glow Anti-aging Pillows: Benefits

Sleep&Glow is the company that creates and sells anti-aging pillows. The Sleep&Glow pillow is made of European non-toxic, safety approved materials. The pillow core is made of 100% adaptive polyurethane foam, enriched with silver ions. The foam is also called ‘memory foam’,initially created by NASA for astronauts and their comfort during space travels.

The Sleep&Glow pillow is sold in the bundle with a standard pillowcase made of 100% Tencel (eucalyptus fibre).

Product life is 5 years, after which it’s recommended to replace the pillow.


What are the benefits of the Sleep&Glow pillow?

  • Younger-looking Skin

Helps prevent and fight against sleep wrinkles. Even $250+ face creams cannot fight sleep wrinkles.

  • Puffiness Reduction

Helps fight morning puffiness thanks to the height difference between the front and back bolsters.

  • Natural Care

Sleep&Glow turns sleep into effective skin care.

  • Deep Sleep

The specially designed anatomic shape provides you with the ultimate comfort during sleep.

  • Value for Money

The pillow will serve you for 5 years and costs only a fraction of five years’ worth of creams (US$ 2500) and Botox (US$ 7500)

  • Orthopedic Effect

Sleep&Glow is developed in collaboration with orthopedists to provide you with the physiologically-correct body position during sleep.

  • Advanced Materials

Memory foam adjusts to the shape of your face, neck, and shoulders.

  • Contains Silver Ions

The pillow’s material has bacteriostatic, antiviral and antifungal effects.

  • Protection of Eyelash Extensions

Delicately prolongs life of eyelash extensions thanks to the side face cradles and minimum contact with the pillow surface.

  • Natural Fabrics

Sleep&Glow pillowcases come in 100% Tencel or Natural Silk. Silk doesn’t absorb moisture and creams, reduces hair breakage and tangling, has a cooling effect.

  • Quality

3-year warranty.


The company’s customers are satisfied with their pillows:

“I couldn’t be more delighted with the pillow. I even had to buy an extra one for my husband to use, since he was stealing mine! I used to suffer from a pain in my neck every morning, but now with this pillow I sleep so well, and the pain has gone away.”

“I’d been considering purchasing this pillow for a long time and after reading a lot of reviews I decided to finally buy one. After three nights of using the pillow everything has changed for me. The quality of my sleep has improved, the stiffness in my neck has gone away, and I wake up with a fresh face without creases. Thanks so much!”

To learn more about Sleep&Glow pillows, please visit the company’s official website.


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