Atlas for men: How to combine colours

Atlas for Men is the company that offers the best in outdoor clothing at amazingly affordable prices.

The company operates in France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

Atlas for Men France published an article about how to combine colours. Let’s read how men can combine colours to look great!

If you want to combine colours correctly and look great, you should remember only two rules:

  1. You must remember that a man’s wardrobe should consist of 3 primary colours such as gray, blue and brown. These colours and their shades can be combined with almost all colors.
  2. Also, you need to pay attention to the fact that you cannot combine more than 3 colours. If you’re not used to wearing colourful clothes, start with a simple combination of neutral colour (our famous 3 basic ones) and bright colour in a little touch.


  1. You can easily combine a neutral tone with a brighter colour.
  2. Use bright colours in a little touch.
  3. If you want to combine a neutral tone and 2 brighter colours, you have to make sure they can harmonize.

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