3 men’s jumpers that will not go out of fashion

A lot of men like to wear jumpers, and today we’ll talk about 3 jumpers that will never go out of fashion. Wearing them, you’ll always look cool.

Crew Neck

It’s probably the most anodyne of all styles of sweater. But then it’s hard to argue with the idea that, as a result of that, it’s also the most versatile style of sweater: the crew neck can be worn with just about anything casually – over a shirt or T-shirt – and even with a suit or check blazer. Available in different weights – from fine merino through to chunky highland – it’s the easiest winter jumper choice any man can make when in a hurry.


Guernsey Or Fisherman’s Knit

It’s certainly the hardiest of all men’s jumpers, its close-fitting form and super-dense knit is almost guaranteed to see you through the harshest of days. And, small wonder, given that it was originally devised for fishermen to wear at sea – the Guernsey is knitted so that it can be worn either way round, which is useful when dressing in the dark, as well as so that any holes can be easily knitted over.


V-Neck Jumper

Beloved by golfers and the willfully middle-aged – those old enough will recall Ronnie Corbett in his joke-telling chair, or Jimmy Tarbuck in his Lyle & Scott on the links. The V-neck sweater is however, one of the more versatile of styles around.



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