5 Amazing Places to Travel According to Atlas for Men

Atlas for Men offers the best in outdoor clothing at amazingly affordable prices. The company operates in France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

Atlas of For Men France has conducted a research where it is better to go on a journey.

Do you want to swim in the clear sea? Do you want to visit the turquoise lagoon? In this article you can find the place that you dream about.

  • Ille-sur-Tet

This place is located in Turkey, on the mythical Silk Road. Here you can enjoy fantastically picturesque landscapes. Here you can see the huge high rocks that have taken the form of mushrooms, columns and pyramids.

  • Les calanques de Cassis (The calanques of Cassis)

The Calanques is one of the main attractions of Provence with their beautiful nature and the incredible beauty of landscapes.This is a Paradise for tourists.

  • Verdon Gorge

This is a river canyon in south-eastern France that is often considered to be one of Europe’s most beautiful. It is about 25 kilometers long and up to 700 meters deep. It was formed by the Verdon River, which is named for its startling turquoise-green colour, one of the location’s distinguishing characteristics. The most impressive part lies between the towns of Castellane and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, where the river has cut a ravine to a depth of 700 meters through the limestone mass. At the end of the canyon, the Verdon River flows into the artificial lake of Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon.

  • The majestic chalk cliffs of Etretat

Etretat is famous for its three natural arches and white chalk cliffs that tower high over the Atlantic Ocean. These natural wonders are freely accessible, as is the white pebble beach. Claude Monet and other Impressionists famously painted the arches and cliffs in the nineteenth century. An Arsène Lupin story was based here while Guy du Maupassant spent most of this childhood in the town. 

  • The ocher of Roussillon, Provence

Roussillon is a very beautiful French city, located in the center of the largest ochre quarry in Europe. Ochre is a natural coloring pigment of yellow-red color, consisting of iron oxide and clay. All the houses of Roussillon are painted in yellow, red, orange colors.


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