The 5 rules to be a stylish guy

There are certain rules that you should consider if you want to be at the top of your fashion game. Today we offer to your attention five that you should start following right now.

  1. Wear a Blazer

Even if you’ve never worn a blazer before in your life — it’s time to try one on for size. A blazer can take a T-shirt and jeans to the next level. You can also pair it with chinos.

  1. A Modern Pair of Jeans

Evaluate your denim. How long has it been since you looked for a new style of jeans? If it’s been a while, the chances are that your jeans are probably outdated. Or, at the very least, not the most modern style currently available.

  1. Buy a Good Suit

Take a trip to a menswear store or department and get some assistance in picking out a suit that can transition through any season. Inevitably an occasion will occur where wearing a suit is required.

  1. Try Wearing Accessories

A classy watch, sleek pair of sunglasses, printed scarf, stunning ring or gold chain can help you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Iron Your Clothes

You can spring for dry cleaning or hire someone to do your laundry, or you can buy and learn to use an iron. Wearing rumpled, wrinkled clothing is never a good look.


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