Atlas for Men: Life hacks for the luggage transportation on vacation

Atlas for Men is the company that offers the best in outdoor clothing at amazingly affordable prices.

The company operates in France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

Atlas for Men France published an article with life hacks about the luggage transportation on vacation.

Which suitcase to choose?

If you are going on vacation for 3 weeks, a simple bag will not be enough. If you are traveling by train or plane, choose a large suitcase + hand luggage that you will keep on hand during the trip.

Main suitcase

Choose a comfortable, light, hard suitcase with wheels. Put in it the essentials: clothes, shoes and toiletries. If your suitcase is not full, do not add anything! This will allow you to bring one or two holiday Souvenirs without weighing down your luggage on the way back.

Your hand luggage

In this bag you can put your computer or camera and, of course, all your ID cards or documents related to your trip. Also keep your medication with you.

In addition

Pay attention to the size and weight of the luggage! Are you going to fly a plane? Check the maximum size and weight of permitted baggage in both the hold and cabin. These indicators vary depending on the airlines. If you travel by train or bus, the restrictions are less, but they can be the same.

Travelling by car with family

A soft or hard roof rack is an easy and effective way to increase or even double your storage space. But, don’t buy any model in a hurry. The roof rack – as well as the rods on which it will be fixed-must meet the permissible workload of your car.

And if ever the luggage for transportation will be too heavy or too bulky, attach the trailer to your car.

Do you like to park your car and use it as little as possible on a vacation? Do you prefer walking or cycling? Buy a bike rack to transport your bicycles! Many of them just attach to the back door of the car.


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