How To Choose The Perfect Shirt

Whether you’re a fashion-conscious guy or not, you’ll want to look your best for work and leisure. Therefore, let’s take a look at a particular knack to choosing the perfect shirt.

Get the fit right 

An ill-fitting shirt ruins your look and gives off the wrong impression. You’ll be looking shabby if your shirt is too big or too small. Measure your size yourself or have a tailor or salesperson do this for you. Custom made clothing is ideal to achieve the perfect fit. If you don’t want to go custom made, just ensure that you get the exact measurements and are only purchasing shirts that completely fit.

The best fit

A slim fit shirt is better for athletic men; these are very flattering if you’re a slim build. A normal fit shirt is great for guys who are a little more muscular, while the loose fit is great for those with a broader and fuller torso. 

The fabric

An ethical choice is a shirt made of hemp, and these can be really durable. Fine cotton shirts feel great against the skin and are generally preferred over polyester or nylon shirts. Linen can be a great go-to for the summer months when you want to keep cool.


There are a few different types of shirt cuffs so you should choose the style that stands out to you the most. For instance, French cuffs are longer than regular cuffs, and they are generally supposed to be paired with cufflinks and folded back. Barrel cuffs are more formal and provide a sophisticated look. A lot of men like button cuffs which are probably the most casual. Choosing the right cuffs will largely depend on your style preferences.


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