For men: Best travel accessories

If you’re getting ready to jet-set across the country for an important meeting, or you’re planning to join the family festivities,here are 5 of the best travel accessories for men that are on the move:

Bluetooth Headphones

The latest generation of wireless headphones are sleek, pair quickly thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 hardware, and have even solved for the biggest consumer complaint about wireless headphones – poor battery life – often going for as long as 5 hours without a charge.

Portable Battery

A portable battery (also known as a power bank) is one of the smartest travel accessories out there. Portable batteries are small and convenient to carry and can hold more than double your phone’s full charge.

A Dopp Kit

Having a compact travel kit ready to go at all times is a key travel accessory for men. You’ve just got to pack a few items relating to keeping the hairs on your face groomed.

Neck Pillow/Eye Mask

Take these contraptions, and you’ll arrive at your destination city feeling rested, and revitalized.


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