Best Haircuts for Men with Thinning Hair

If you notice that your hair is thinning in places, don’t worry because there are plenty of hairstyles and cuts that are going to suit you.

The Hot Mess

hot mess

Popular among models and celebrities alike, the messy haircut has the unique ability to be able to combine style with confidence.

With a messy style, you can just scruff up the front and the top of the hair and get a look that everyone loves. With that being said, it’s a great pick for sorting out any insecurities that come from having thinning hair.



This haircut is perfect for men with thinning hair, as you are able to pull it all off as a style, rather than something that’s inherently more upsetting.

This style is best suited to a thinning crown because you are able to use the spikes to hide that fact. It’ll all seem like it’s part of the act, and that’s the aim. It’s all about illusions.

Gelled Down


The gelled-down style is perfect for men with all issues – from the receding hairline to a thinning crown. This haircut hides all of your flaws but doesn’t look out of place or stupid, either.

A gelled-down style can be experimented with. For example, if you get a high and tight cut on the back and sides, then you can turn it into something that’s contemporary and more than stylish.

The Fringe


The fringe is one of the most popular and growing hairstyles across the United States and Europe.

For the fringe hairstyle, you just need to look at getting the top of your hair scissor cut and then pushed forwards. This’ll provide a fringe look whilst retaining many of the hair features that we are too scared to lose.

Modern Side Parting


This style is very popular at the moment. It involves getting the barber to either make or shave a part in the side of your head, creating a natural part that will be the same day after day. This haircut is stylish and looks great, giving you the confidence boost that you’re looking for. On top of that, you’ll be covering your thinning hair by sweeping over the rest.


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