What to consider when buying shoes for standing all day?

If you’re one of the millions of men who work on their feet all day, then choosing the right shoes for your occupation is vital, so let’s take a look at general tips for making life on your feet easier.


A shoe’s materials and the type of place you work in go hand-in-hand when choosing the best shoes for standing all day. Some materials are better suited for certain work environments than others:

  • Shoes made of synthetic materials generally work better for grittier environments. Plus, they’re easy to clean; usually soap and water suffice.
  • Leather is an excellent choice for men who work indoors. It’s a comfortable option that conforms to the foot nicely and provides good air circulation.

Shoe design

Some of the most desirable design attributes include:

  • A well-cushioned midsole

You’ll want a shoe with plenty of cushioning in the midsole if you spend most of the day on your feet.

  • Enough width, including in the toe box

Make sure your shoes have enough “splay,” meaning they can roll naturally, including in the toe box. It’s crucial to give your toes enough wiggle room.

  • Good grip

Your shoes should always have good traction, including when you’re standing on the kinds of surfaces of an outdoor work environment or one in which spills and wet floors are common. Slip-resistant soles tend to be softer and made of rubber that provides superior traction, even on slippery surfaces like linoleum or hardwood.


Have your feet sized by a professional, if possible, before you buy a pair of shoes, and always spend some time walking in them around the store before making your purchase.

It’s also a good idea to try shoes on later in the afternoon or early evening. A person’s feet naturally swell during the day; a perfect fit first thing in the morning may be too tight later in the day.


Breathability refers to the quality of a shoe’s ventilation, i.e., how effective is it in keeping your foot cool and dry. Mesh uppers earn high marks for breathability, while many shoes – workwear or otherwise – have microfibers that wick sweat and other moisture away from your feet.


A shoe with a higher price isn’t necessarily a better shoe than all the rest, so you shouldn’t think that you must break your budget to find a shoe that’s easy to stand in all day. Value matters most, and if you do spend a little bit more for a shoe made of quality materials that relieve the stress of standing all day, your feet will thank you for it.


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